When you attribute Greta Thunberg’s standing to “big money” and a “well-oiled machine”, you ignore the agency of the millions of young people and older people who’ve joined in the climate strike movement which she initiated and which she speaks for.

I suggest that it’s that agency, that growing grassroots movement, which explains why Greta gets listened to by a section of the corporate world, along with sections of the media, the politicians and the church.

Corporations may not be philanthropists, but isn’t there such a thing as enlightened self-interest? Of course they want to make a profit, but maybe some of them can see how difficult it will be to keep making profits in a world where the biosphere is collapsing and the rising generation is increasingly angry.

What’s your bottom line, Helena? When you talk about people — like yourself? — who “don’t advocate easy solutions”, do you mean that solutions can be found, but they’re difficult ones? Or do you mean that they are no solutions at all, and we might as well just stop trying?

Someone who likes sharing factual information and fragments of the big picture

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