I’m glad you wrote this, and I agree that Russian history and culture are poorly understood in the West.

Your knowledge of English may be imperfect, but it’s vastly better than my knowledge of Russian.

I will say, though, that your use of the terms “entourage” and “nationalist” may be confusing to some readers. The word “entourage” usually applies to paid staff who travel about with someone very prominent, like a head of state. Judging from the context, I don’t think you mean it that way.

Also “nationalist” in English is a very general term, similar in meaning to “patriot”. I can hardly imagine anyone saying that there are no nationalists (in the English sense) in Ukraine.

I have seen claims that there are no nazis in Ukraine, which is a much more specific statement...

And I'm well aware that Ukraine does, in fact, have nazis.


Someone who likes sharing factual information and fragments of the big picture

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