where hippies (apparently “seekers” is the politically correct term) like myself go to do yoga, meditate

Maybe the word “seekers” says something important about why people go somewhere like that and do things they wouldn’t normally do. They’re searching for something…

Even if they’re searching in the wrong place, or in the wrong way, does that mean there’s nothing worth searching for?

5:30 a.m.: Dynamic Meditation. Osho developed a type of meditation that was highly physical, as opposed to the traditional mode of meditation in which you practice stillness. This was optional (as well as clothing); I chose to partake out of morbid curiosity.

Why do you think your curiosity was “morbid”?

It sounds like you were seeking, and hoped dynamic meditation would help you find …

“It’s possible that these environments bring out the best and the worst in humanity — and they’re a prime example of the road to Hell truly being paved with good intentions — but what’s always haunted me is how much of the bad I overlooked in order to selfishly experience the good.”

If the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, maybe the road to Heaven paved with mixed intentions? Or even with what haunts you?

Someone who likes sharing factual information and fragments of the big picture

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