If the “hands off Venezuela” movement is the work of coffee shop communists, then it seems there are a lot more communists in the coffee shops of the world than anyone would have thought.

I noticed in the news today that Romania is one of the big majority of UN member states refusing US pressure to recognise wannabe president Juan Guaido.

I find this significant, firstly because Romania is a NATO member — i.e. a signed-up military ally of the US — secondly because the Romanians know what an actual communist dictatorship is like.

They used to have one, led by a guy called Nicolae Ceauşescu, whom they overthrew in December 1989.

Thing is, the Romanian people got rid of Ceauşescu’s regime by themselves. They didn’t need the USA to make their revolution for them, by anointing another leader, imposing sanctions, and threatening military “options”…

Maybe they are wondering now why the supposed overwhelming majority of Guaidó supporters in Venezuela can’t do the same?

Someone who likes sharing factual information and fragments of the big picture

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