I can relate to what you say. I agree that a non-elected president (even a “transitional” one) is not the right way forward here.

I’m sure it’s true that not everyone in Venzenuela can use Twitter, but looking at messages from those who can, two things seems clear — many Venezuelans are against President Maduro, on the other hand many still identify strongly with the President and with the movement he represents (Chavismo).

As well as big anti Maduro demonstrations, there have been some very big pro Maduro ones, which have been reported for instance by the BBC. It’s a polarised situation…

Guaido has been calling on the armed forces to desert Maduro, but so far that hasn’t happened. I think the “transitional president” is playing with fire — if he ever succeeds in splitting the army, this would result in civil war and the arrival of US marines…

Can you imagine a worse outcome than that?

Someone who likes sharing factual information and fragments of the big picture

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