I agree that studying our evolutionary heritage can help us humans understand and address our current predicament.

Chimpanzees not only hunt smaller primates, they also have wars among themselves, over territory and resources. They're intelligent, social animals, and also feisty and dangerous ones... Just like us humans, except that we're more intelligent, more social, and feistier and more dangerous too...

I share your determination to write about "the end of illusions"... Although I'm not sure it will ever be feasible to wholly replace competition with cooperation — is that what you're calling for, Caitlin?

I'd suggest it may be more feasible to keep competing and cooperating, but exercise more collective self-control over how we compete...

I definitely agree that we as a species need to become more conscious about ourselves. Including and especially about dangerous and troublesome sides of our evolved character.



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Colin Robinson

Someone who likes sharing factual information and fragments of the big picture