Hi Lindsay.

Glad you found Elan Anthony’s article interesting enough not only to read through but also to look at his website.

Regarding his comments on bullying… who wasn’t bullied FFS? My bullies were relentless, but that only made me try harder at being ‘the other’… I really should have won some Academy Awards for my early performances around the alphas… but he decides life would be easier as female, and the bullies would leave him alone?!!

He does mention in the article that when he received the transition at age 19, he wasn’t aware that his wish for it had anything to do with bullying. That’s something he worked out later.

Perhaps his unconscious (or half-conscious) reasoning was that it was easier for a girl being bullied to seek help, for instance by screaming. Whereas a boy was expected to fight back.

His final words: that there are “more clinicians who are interested in looking at alternative ways to deal with dysphoria” is also very telling. What alternative ways? Shock treatments? The laying on of hands? Massive doses of psilocybin?

More likely he is talking about the sort of psychotherapy which he received after the transition, by means of which he became aware of the importance to him of that experience of being bullied.

My understanding is that the only, ONLY way to treat true gender dysphoria is to transition, and with the help of experts… shrinks, psychs, endocrinologists, family doctor, etc. Worked for me and everyone I know.

But not for Elan, apparently…

OK, maybe he didn’t have true gender dysphoria, but if so he clearly had another sort of dysphoria. (Which the National Library of Medicine defines as a “profound state of unease or dissatisfaction”.) Otherwise why would he have approached the therapists for help in the first place?

I believe that we will be seeing less and less people detransing since we are getting much better at first, recognizing the true symptoms and second, recognizing cases like Elan, who demonstrate all the wrong symptoms.

I hope you’re right…



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