In response to Colin Robinson, and this question of rapid onset gender dysphoria (no title case since it’s not a real thing):

Did you know that Lisa Littman, who coined the term “rapid-onset gender dysphoria”, also writes it without title case?

For more reports on actual studies regarding desistance, I would recommend you consider reading

Thanks for these references, which I read with interest. I was glad to see Julia Serano’s statement: “I would love to see more support from trans communities (and health providers) for people who choose to detransition.”

Have you read this interview with Elan Anthony, a person who detransitioned, and who now thinks he was rushed into transitioning (as a young adult, 20 years ago) by people who meant well but got it wrong. He now thinks it would have been better if he had received more support from health providers back then, in the form of psychological counselling before they started him on hormones. Which I suppose Julia Serano would call “gatekeeping”…



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