Are you aware of the work being done by Bruce Damer, David Deamer and others, regarding the origin of life? They argue that the primordial ocean was not the most favourable environment for life to emerge. Abiogenesis had a far better chance of happening on volcanic islands, where there were hot springs of fresh water, containing a high concentration of carbon compounds formed in the atmosphere. Wet-dry cycles — waters evaporating and returning — could bring about building up and breaking down of structures somewhat like cells, though vastly simpler than cells as we know them. They theorise that some of these cell-like structures were ramshackle, and broke down easily, while others were more stable and survived — a crude form of natural selection… All of which may be a bit humdrum, compared to the anthropic effect collapsing superimposed quantum states… Nonetheless, if the model they’re developing is sound, it implies that abiogenesis does not require a huge fluke, and that we Earthlings are unlikely to be alone in the cosmos…

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