What’s happening worldwide about climate policy

Climate strike, Quito, Ecuador, Sept 2019. Pachamama is Mother Earth as revered in Andes. Photo Kai Medina (Mk170101), CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

Since the global protests of September 2019, I’ve been looking for words to describe what is happening in climate campaigning and policy formation, and for historical precedents which may help us understand where we’re going.

Calls for action are getting stronger, and they’re coming from many directions: scientists, politicians, the…

And which other worlds could have done the same. Looks like answers are emerging.

Artist’s impression of Earth in Archean Eon, 4 to 2.5 billion years ago, by Tim Bertelink. Via Wikimedia Commons

How could life emerge on a previously lifeless planet? Is life’s origin a chance event, or a stepwise process? Is it likely that worlds other than Earth have also come up with life; and if so, which ones?

After many frustrations and false starts, developing lines of research are finally…

You assert that "women are not objects". Reason says every human is an object, just as a geranium or a quartz crystal is an object. Denying this is a form of speciesism.

Have you seen Pope Francis' statement Laudato si' published in May 2015? He argues that theists have a responsibility to humanity and to the planet, including a responsibility to address the problem of climate change, and he backs his argument with references to scripture and also to the writings of religious leaders, Christian and non-Christian. In April 2019, Greta Thunberg met the Pope and thanked him for speaking out, and he gave his blessing to her campaign. If you google words like “Pope Francis meets Greta Thunberg”, you'll find videos of their conversation on Youtube.

Hi Rory - I agree with your point about the Fall — the fact that dinosaurs preceded humans makes it difficult to argue that they experienced pain because the first humans got something wrong.

The progress scientists have made, using logic to understand the universe, is grounds for thinking that…

If you are troubled by the thought of what a T rex did to a Triceratops 69 million years ago, how do you feel about modern wildlife reserves, where lions, wolves, bears and other predators kill prey animals whenever they need a meal? …

Yes, Mikhail Gorbachev deserves the world's thanks as a great peacemaker. No, he did not set out to end the Soviet Union in order to end the Cold War.

Gorbachev's goals were to end the arms race and to restructure the Soviet Union as a socialist democracy.

He achieved the…

One thing Joe McCarthy was very wrong about: China. He viewed the victory of the People's Liberation Army in 1949 as simply the outcome of an international conspiracy, denying the agency of the multitudes of Chinese peasant farmers who joined and/or supported the PLA. His mythologising contributed to a period of extreme and dangerous tension between China and the United States, a period that lasted until Richard Nixon's visit to Beijing in 1972.

Hi Martin,

Glad we agree that it's not hypocritical to advocate for general reduction of meat intake while occasionally eating meat.

I also agree with you about the other aspect that you've mentioned. It's generally a mistake to dismiss an idea from consideration because of where the idea came from; or because of where a commentator thinks the idea came from.

I agree with you about technology, but not about sacrifice. One way or another, climate change will mean sacrifice, it will mean loss. As the pandemic has.

Governments and the public around the world have responded to Covid-19 with a combination of behaviour change and technology (vaccines).

In the USA, President Trump boasted about progress in vaccines while denying the need for anti-spread measures. Resulting in loss of life much greater than in other advanced countries.

Young climate activists like Greta Thunberg are pointing out that their generation will be the biggest losers, the biggest sacrificial victims, if governments and consumers fail to make appropriate changes.

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