"1032C, or roughly 3.3 trillion light-years per second" As written, that's simply wrong arithmetic. Surely it’s obvious that 1032C is merely 1032 light-years per year, therefore much less than that per sec? I checked the source you mentioned and it says “10³² C” and “roughly 3.3 trillion trillion light-years per second” which is a totally different statement... Considering that there are about 3 * 10 ⁷ seconds in a year, 10 ³² C = 10 ³² ly per year, is indeed about 3.3 * 10 ²⁴ light years per second… Nice work if you can get it, though you wouldn’t want to hit a lamp-post at a speed like that… I know Medium doesn’t make super-script super-easy, but compared to making a warp drive it’s a piece of cake. Here’s a page explaining how

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